Happy Colors

I had a customer message me a couple of weeks ago and asked me to make colorful 2.5” essential oil ornaments and tiles in these happy colors. They came out of the kiln today and they are so happy and pretty!!! I will have to make more because all of these are now on their way to the other side of the country! I love my customer’s ideas! So inspiring!


Out of the kiln

Pulled these out of the kiln this morning. I was firing the seahorse for an order as well as the Tufted Titmouse bird pendants and had time to glaze a few more pieces. I like the color palette here. <3

You can see my photo set up in this shot. I just have some, rustic, old pieces of fence under a window on my work desk. The window provides some great natural light. I like to keep my work desk space open for many uses. Having this set up lets me keep my shooting area small and portable.